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At ACE Development Academy our main focus is to provide different sporting opportunities for children and young people to get involved in. Sports are a great way for children and young people to learn essential life skills that will serve them in later life, such as teamwork and cooperation. It offers an escape whilst balancing their everyday life. However, many children and young people have a negative view on sports. In recent years stats have shown that once leaving education, many opt out of playing sports completely. There are many contributing factors to this including affordability, lack of resources and the pressure put on youths to perform.


We believe that sports are an invaluable tool that contributes to positive child development. Our aim is to offer solutions to sporting barriers by providing high quality services in schools and the community. We are dedicated to creating safe, enjoyable, learning environments for children and young people to express themselves through a number of different sports and activities. We encourage them to achieve personal goals whilst learning the values of being part of a team. With qualified and dedicated coaches our aim is to implement a genuine love of sport regardless of ability, where the focus is ‘learning through experience’.

"Growing up sports was a massive part of my life. I played anything I could get involved in. I learnt valuable transferable skills that I could also use in the classroom, being Dyslexic this helped me tremendously. Sports should be available for all regardless of gender, ability or background. I wanted to create an academy that pioneered that idea".
Coach Ace
Coach Ace
Sporting Director and Head Coach